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Is Coldbuster floor heating cost effective?

What peoplemhave to say about Coldbuster efficiency

Due to 1 mm design I could add this as underfloor heating under laminate flooring on concrete in my dental practice. Patients and staff love it, never cold feet any more. And very energy efficient, room temperature can be lower with same comfort

My rug heater is great, cheap to use, and most of all clean, no more dusty air. The cat won’t get off it when it’s on.

There was always a chill in the front of the house and now we only have it set for 17 and there is no longer a chill. I haven’t noticed an increase in energy cost.

This was a very efficient and straightforward transaction with a helpful representative – quick delivery – all good.

Our lounge room has become a very snug enjoyable space where we take our slippers off and warm our bodies. The Coldbuster is an efficient and economical way to heat the room and has replaced our old oil burner. All our visitors have been most impressed with how quickly the Coldbuster warms the lounge room without the addition of an ugly heater or costly fireplace.

Most effective type of heating for the area it is needed for, and to complement other existing heating. Easy to install, nice and warm. Expensive to run. Does exactly what it says on the tin – it keeps my house warm…

Excellent Performance. Simple Installation. Economical and reactive (quick response) heating. Good, but difficult to programme.

Very effective, running costs a little higher than expected. Installed along with new carpets, no installation problems. Have programmable 7-day timer switches, manual switch/thermostat would suit better.

At 280w, heating in my ensuite is both efficient and convenient with the set and forget timer switch. I took great pleasure in throwing out my 2000w fan heater. I also connected my towel heater to the Cold Buster timer so all the heating devices operate together.

Good for local heating under computer desk
Works well (floor mat) – had good feedback from my clients in testing it. Personally, I find it is good, but interestingly it makes my feet feel colder on top (probably the difference in hot and cold between the sole of foot and top of foot). I offer this as a solution to clients as an alternative form of personal heating in office and reception spaces (I am an energy consultant), due to the low running cost and effectiveness of heating the body directly.

Excellent Performance. Simple Installation. Economical and reactive (quick response) heating.

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