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ETV manual Thermostat DIAL


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Ideal for use with Home automation systems like CBus and Dynalite, the timing is controlled by the home automation system and the temperature regulation is controlled by the thermostat. As the thermostat is mounted on a distribution board in the comms room, it is limited to controlling the heating according to the floor probe temperature.

Note: 3m floor sensor or remote room sensor included.


Key Features:

Recommended for control of underfloor heating and electrical heating.

  • On/off control up to 3,600W, 16A.
  • Built-in setback mode for overnight setback temperature via remote timer.
  • Electronic thermostat for accurate temperature regulation ensuring a high comfort of the floor surface or the room temperature.
  • For DIN-rail mounting in distribution board.



  • 5ºC fixed setback temperature.
  • 0.4ºC fixed differential.


3m floor sensor included. 10m floor sensor available at additional cost. Remote room sensor available by special order.

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ETV manual Thermostat DIAL