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In Slab Floor Heating

In Slab Floor Heating

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  • Teflon coated, 6.5mm thin loose underfloor heating cable, supplied on a reel with a single 3m long cold tail
  • 30W/lineal meter

Included in each Underfloor Heating  kit:

  • In-Slab Underfloor Heater 
  • Installation Monitor (element alarm) with battery 
  • Installation Manual 
  • 25 Years Warranty
  • Note: Thermostats sold separately

Basic Installation Instructions: 

  • It is recommended to install the in-slab underfloor heater with 200mm spaces between each run (matching typical reinforcement grid spacing) to achieve the correct wattage per square meter
  • Plan heater layout before securing the heating to the reinforcement grid in order to ensure it will fit properly
  • Secure the heater to the reinforcement grid using cable ties and cut the cable ties so they don’t stick up when the concrete is poured
  • For more in-depth instructions, consult your instruction manual contained in every underfloor heater kit. Or you can always contact the friendly people at Coldbuster for further assistance!

General Information:

  • The Coldbuster in-slab underfloor heater is a bi-directional, single ended 6mm cable, rated at 30W/m and supplied as a cable on a roll.
  • To achieve the required wattage per square meter, secure the cable along the reinforcement rods at 200mm spacing.
  • Heaters have a single 3m long cold tail lead that can be connected to a programmable or manual thermostat control.
  • A range of 13 standard lengths or combination of these lengths caters for all area sizes and shapes.

In Slab Floor Heating

Floor Projections

In slab heating for tile floor

In slab heating for polished concrete

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