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with the cosiest and most Efficient Floor Heating option.

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Heat from the Floors

Heat the room from the floor up. Suitable for any room and almost any floor finish.

Smart Controls

Smart programmable thermostats designed to keep running costs low and efficient, user-friendly interface, duty cycle, customisable schedule with remote/global access.

Thermal Efficiency

No cold spots and no air circulation. Even distribution of heat across the entire room. Remember, heat rises!

DIY or Coldbuster Installation

Floor heater kits that are simple to install yourself or installation services are available.

Ongoing Support from Coldbuster

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Running Cost Calculator

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Floor Heating Benefits

Floor heating is the best choice to heat any area. Heating the floors too is the big bonus!

Heat the area from the floor, not from the wall or
ceiling. Remember, hot air rises!

Response time can be as low as 30 minutes depending on the type of floor heating.

No high voltage or hot surfaces. The heater element is fully earthed and waterproofed, offering protection against fire and shock (must be connected to an RCD).
All our floor heaters are DIY kits, with easy to follow installation guides. Videos are available online and our extra friendly staff are but a phone call or email away. No special tools or experience required. But we can install if you like!
Stringent testing forms part of the manufacturing process for all Coldbuster products.
  • Heaters – 25 yrs
  • Thermostats – 3 yrs

No volatile organic compounds (typical in air circulation units), no nitrogen oxides (typical in gas heating), no smoke, fumes, dust or electromagnetic radiation.

Coldbuster Floor Heating simply creates the best ambience of any heating choice!

Coldbuster Floor Heating can cost far less to purchase than other heating choices.

Regulate comfort levels whenever/however you like, with different weekday/weekend routines, morning/night routines.

Allows an even spread of heat across the whole room.
Luxury image compared to low cost means Coldbuster Floor Heating adds far more value to your property than it costs.
  • Coldbuster’s smart thermostats ensure heat turns on as late as possible to achieve the desired temperature at the desired time, resulting in huge ongoing savings.
  • Heating runs on a duty cycle, so it automatically turns off/on as needed to maintain the desired temperature, while saving costs.
  • Heating can be zoned so areas not in use can be turned off.
  • Where a floor has significant thermal mass and off-peak rates exist, heat can be stored to carry warmth during peak rates.
  • Similarly, ongoing costs can be largely offset through use of solar energy and even more so with batteries!
No moving parts, no wear and tear! Set and forget with our programmable thermostats!
Nothing visible and nothing to store. No sound, no smell, nothing hot to touch. No outside venting required.