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Coldbuster Floor Heating is ideal for almost any flooring type. Even distribution of heat ensures higher thermal efficiency and lower running times. Our tool guides you to what heating systems are available and what floor finishes can be used with these heating systems. If you haven’t decided on the flooring or there are any changes to the flooring during the build, we are happy to amend and re-quote according to your requirements.

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What type of flooring are you installing?

Coldbuster Under Tile Heaters are installed on concrete, screed, and suspended timber sub floors. Sitting directly below the tiles allows for quick response times.
Almost any engineered or natural flooring can be heated by Coldbuster’s Under Timber Heaters. They are designed to have a moderate wattage output to meet the heating specification of your timber flooring product.
Coldbuster Under Carpet Heaters are installed by securely taping the heaters to the underlay then laying the carpet directly on top. It’s like an electric blanket for your home!
Polished Concrete
Coldbuster In-Slab Heaters are secured to the reinforcement grid of your foundation. Concrete is then poured and polished. In-Slab Heaters are useful if you’d like to take advantage of off-peak electricity times because of the great thermal mass!

Which type of heater are you planning to use?

Under Tile
Pre-configured heating element mounted on a 500mm wide mesh, secured onto the sub floor and then tiled over.
Under Timber
Pre-configured heating element mounted on a 500mm wide mesh, stuck down onto floor surface and screeded over. Once dried then timber can be laid. Suitable for timber flooring.
Under Carpet
Pre-configured heating element sandwiched between two 500mm aluminium foil strips, secured directly onto the underlay using conductive tape.
6mm thick cable designed to be easily installed directly onto the sub floor surface. The screed bed can then be laid over the floor heating cables. Suitable for almost any floor finish.
6.5mm thick cable secured to the reinforcement grid of your foundation. Concrete is then poured on top, followed by the floor finish of your choice.

Want to know the approximate running costs?

Coldbuster Floor Heating running costs are not nearly as high as people believe. Our Smart Programmable Thermostats allow you to run your floor heating in the most efficient manner by:

Running Cost Calculator

A simple tool estimate the cost of running underfloor heating

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