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Are you in need of electric underfloor heating systems for a home or commercial project? Coldbuster is the builder preferred Australian supplier of in floor heating products. All of our products are available online with the offer of free delivery, so take a look before you settle for a cold, uncomfortable home. Coldbuster products are the perfect solution for heated floors. We have heat mat rolls for tile, timber and carpet flooring and cable kits for in slab and concrete floor heating

Floor Heating Specialists with over 20 years of industry service.

Electric Underfloor Heating Kits


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ColdBuster offers easy install kits for the builder, owner, or DIY enthusiast.
Floor heating 10 Year Warranty

Suitable for Bathroom Renovations, Bedrooms, Playrooms, Home Office spaces, Granny Flats ......

Coldbuster are specialists in high quality, low cost electric radiant floor heating systems. Our easy-to-install range of in floor heating products are suitable for DIY enthusiasts as well as experienced builders. Our simple kits ensure low cost installation for your timber floor, under tile, under carpet or slab heating projects. The complete range of products can be ordered securely ONLINE with FREE SHIPPING to your residential or commercial addresses across Australia. All our heating kits come with a 15 year warranty providing confidence and ensured durability.

Floor Heating perfect for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Tasmanian climates.


Electric Underfloor Heating - Evenly distributed - No wasted energy.

There is nothing quite like the luxury of warmth underfoot. The even distribution of heat, as it rises, provides a comfortable warmth that is in the right place to heat your body. Conventional heaters tend to blast out heat that just goes straight up into the ceiling space where it isn't needed. As a result to get warm people end up standing close to the heating unit and this can become stuffy. With radiant floor heating the whole floor area is heated so you get a nice even distribution throughout the entire space - no one single source of heat. The other great bonus is there is no visible source - nothing ugly in your new or renovated living area. Safety is assured as there is no naked flame or point of contact with extreme heat. Child and pet friendly as a result.

Energy Efficient - Safe - Control the spaces you want to heat.

Coldbuster heating kits are energy efficient and the perfect underfloor heating system. When used with our thermostats, you can effectively control room temperature and just heat areas or rooms that you want heated. They are perfectly safe as there is no exposed heating source and so your children and pets can not burn themselves. There is no wasted energy in unnecessarily heating the whole house or an empty room. Give us a call with any questions without any obligation. One of our friendly team will be happy to help. If you know exactly what you want then you can simply buy the kit you need online.

Bathroom Renovations

If you are renovating your bathroom then don't forget about underfloor heating. A Bathroom Heater is one of the most popular applications for Coldbuster’s products. Specially designed for smaller areas using energy efficient heating technology. With full, responsive temperature control through the thermostat, heating is easy with a Coldbuster Bathroom Heating Kit.

Under Tile Heating

Not only useful for bathrooms this easy to install and hardworking system is suitable for larger kitchens, hallways, and living room areas too. An efficient and flexible solution for houses, apartments and commercial buildings Australia wide. Kits cover heating zones up to 18m² to suit rooms of all different shapes and sizes.

Slab Heating

For in slab and screed installations we have designed a cable kit with high output cables. This ensures that polished concrete and stone floors can be heated to a comfortable temperature in any weather. As one of the best concrete floor heating systems available anywhere in the world, it comes in a variety of configurations with an output of up to 1900W. This makes it suitable for even the densest of flooring surfaces. Like all our products, it comes with a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Under Carpet Heating

A popular choice with builders and homeowners who are interested in creating modern houses with energy efficient heaters. With an element that is only 1.5mm thick, the heat pad is almost undetectable when installed between the underlay and carpets in your home. The comfortable heat provided makes it a pleasure to walk around barefoot throughout the year. A high quality, waterproof Teflon coating helps ensure that minor spillages do not turn into major disasters.

Timber Floor Heating

With timber floors a more moderate heat output is desirable, and we have a selection of wood and laminate floor heating systems that are perfect for the job. Manufactured to the same high standards as our under-tile heating products, these systems can also be controlled by a thermostat, ensuring that your floors maintain the ideal temperature whatever the outside weather conditions.

Touch Screen Thermostat

The new MCD5 Touch Screen Thermostat puts control of our state of the art temperature systems at your fingertips! Advanced preinstalled heating programs like Boost, Comfort, ECO and Holiday give you a greater ability to save energy and create the environment you want at any particular moment. With the addition of QR Code read outs for smart devices you have easy access to system monitoring at all times without the need for additional gadgets.

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When you buy a Coldbuster heating kit you get our complete support. You can ring us during office hours and we will answer any of your questions and help you install your radiant heater. You can also look at our Learning Centre for videos, brochures and guides. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. No question is pointless, so ask away!

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