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Underfloor Heating Systems

Highest Quality Floor Heating

Advanced Thermostat Controls

Underfloor Heating Systems

Highest Quality Floor Heating
Advanced Thermostat Controls

Underfloor Heating for practically all floor surfaces

The ideal heating solution for every room and area in every new build or renovation.

Perfect for Bathroom heating, Kitchens, Granny flats and more.

Coldbuster is a 100% Australian owned and managed underfloor heating company with over 20 years of industry service. Improved technology and design modifications over the years have improved energy efficiency, created easier installation kits, and improved heating output for all types of floor surfaces and room sizes. We have introduced a Trade Discount Incentive, Support Centre and FAQ section to provide the best value and support to you and your clients. All our products are available for purchase by Tradies, Retailers and Owner Builders. We can do supply only (DIY) or install for you.

You can buy online as a guest or register to become a Coldbuster Member. Get a free quotation and product recommendation for your projects simply by sending us your plans.

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Your Underfloor Heating Specialists

Heated floors for luxurious warmth


With no visible or touchable heat source underfloor heating is perfectly safe for your family and pets. No risk of fire or burning at all.


Easy and quick to install cable or mat roll solutions make Colbuster Floor Heating a cost effective solution. Simple for DIY.


Low cost install, thermostat control and low wattage by design make our kits an extremely economical floor heating system.

Electric Floor Heating Kits

For any room and any floor surface type

Floor Heating Benefits

Comfort: Nothing compares to floor heating, it simply creates the best ambience of any heating choice!
Heat in the right area: With heated floors, you heat the area from where you are and not from high up on the wall or from the ceiling. That’s wasted heat. Remember, heat rises!
Evenly distributed throughout the floor area: Enjoy radiant heating with no overly cold or hot spots. No gusts of hot air blasting out from a single point!
Speed: Response time can be as low as 30 minutes depending on the type of floor heating.
Cost-effective: Our thermostats ensure heaters only turn on only when required, resulting in huge savings on running costs. Heating can be independently controlled per area, enabling areas not in use to be switched off. Where a floor has significant thermal mass and your electricity provider offers time-of-use electricity rates, heat can be stored when electricity is cheap to carry warmth during peak electricity tariffs. Ongoing costs can also be largely offset through the use of solar energy and even more so with batteries.
Low capital cost: Not only does Coldbuster floor heating cost far less to supply than other heating alternatives, but labour is minimal especially if you do-it-yourself! This also means quick installation!

Programmable thermostats: Regulate comfort levels whenever/however you like, with different weekday/weekend routines, morning/night routines.
Durable & reliable: Stringent testing forms part of the manufacturing process for all Coldbuster products.
Maintenance free: There are no moving parts or wear and tear. Coldbuster floor heater kits require no maintenance.
Long warranty: Heaters come with 15-year warranties, thermostats 3 years.
Safety: No high voltage or hot surfaces. Perfect for children and pets. The heater element is fully earthed & waterproofed, offering protection against fire and shock (must be connected to an RCD). No combustible gases.
Unobtrusive: Nothing visible and nothing to store. No sound, no smell, nothing hot to touch. No outside venting required.
Allergy & environmentally friendly: Our heaters do not emit volatile organic compounds (typical in air circulation units) or nitrogen oxides (typical in gas heating) and do not produce smoke, fumes, dust or electromagnetic radiation.
Easy installation: The installation process is simple. All Coldbuster floor heaters are sold as DIY kits, with an easy to follow installation guide. Installation videos are available online and we are but a phone call or email away! Special tools or floor heating experience are not required.


Simply email or upload your floor heating area plans along with the type of floor heating requested and we will quote you on the best solution for your project. If you don’t have plans, don’t worry – send us a rough sketch! No obligation, just take advantage of our free pre-sale support program.


Although all our floor heating kits are DIY because they are so easy to install, you may choose to have a professional installation instead. We have a network of installers across Australia to provide a full installation service for your project if you desire.


If you would like to sell Colbuster products and join our retailer’s scheme we would be delighted to start talks with you. maximising per-customer sales with a profitable and value-driven product range. Coldbuster floor heating stockists and retail businesses benefit by maximising per-customer sales with a profitable and value-driven product range.

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Underfloor Heating Information

Bathroom Heaters

Across Australia, more and more people are moving away from conventional bathroom heaters to invisible underfloor heating. Heat Lamps and radiators are inefficient and not the prettiest solution for your new bathroom design.

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DIY Floor Heating

  Floor heating solutions for the owner builder Coldbuster DIY floor heating systems are designed to be used in all areas of your home to provide you comfort underfoot. Whether you are building a new home or simply renovating or extending an existing property,...

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Floor Heating for Retailers

  Coldbuster floor heating kits are supplied as a complete package complementing the sale of ceramic tiles, carpet, vinyl, electrical appliances, home furnishings and other renovating supplies. Coldbuster floor heating provides a range of initiatives with benefits to...

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In Floor Heating Benefits

In Floor Heating Benefits Safe, Invisible, Silent Heating. No visible units to see or touch. Great for not impacting on room design. No maintenance. Child safe and pet-friendly. Requires lower temperature outputs. The efficacy of underfloor heating means that you do...

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Floor Heating Output Explained

Floor Heating Output explained Floor heating output can be referenced in two ways. The first relates to the value of watts per square metre of a heater, as in the power output per unit area of the heater. The other value also refers to watts per...

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How Radiant Floor Heating Works

How Radiant Floor Heating Works Any object, whether it be a person, furniture or even the walls of the room, are heated up in 3 different ways. Here follows a very basic explanation. Convective heat (i.e. ducted air or reverse cycle aircon) is...

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