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What are the Benefits of Coldbuster Underfloor Heating Systems?

Best Comfort

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Best Form of Heating

Incredible Investment

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25 Years Warranty

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Why Choose Coldbuster as Your Underfloor Heating Specialists?


Perfectly safe for your family and pets. No risk of fire or burning since there’s no visible heat source.

Easy To Install

Easy and quick to install cable or mat roll solutions make Coldbuster Floor Heating a cost-effective solution. Simple for DIY.


Low cost install, thermostat control and low wattage by design result in extremely economical operating costs.

Glowing Testimonials from Delighted Coldbuster Clients

Robert MetcalfRobert Metcalf
01:06 19 Jan 24
Coldbuster Floor Heating have always gone above & beyond providing excellent products & service. Thanks Rob
Donna CornfordDonna Cornford
06:58 23 Nov 23
The team here are so friendly and helpful. Floorheating is not as expensive as you think. Ask for a quote and you might be pleasantly surprised.👍
May VincentMay Vincent
05:19 24 Oct 23
Highly recommend Benny from cold busters. Service from the whole team was great - Benny in particular went above and beyond and gave great advice from start to finish. We nearly decided to bail on the installation as there was a lot going on as well self managed the reno but with Coldbusters support and advice on installation we persevered and so glad we did. Did inscreed heating (our tiler didn’t want to deal with cables undertile) and with an 10mm insulation board underneath we can feel the warm within 40mins of turning it on.
06:21 01 Aug 23
Lorelle BrownLorelle Brown
00:17 05 Jun 23
The Coldbuster floor heating system is a must-have in your home. I have installed it in two bathrooms and it is working very efficiently. Visitors all comment on how lovely and warm the floors are in the bathrooms. The heat rises from the floor and keeps the room warm and cosy. It is on a timer so you can set it to your time of day and level of comfort. I highly recommend this product if you are considering whether to install underfloor heating in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Underfloor heating is a form of indoor climate control that uses electrical heating elements embedded underfloor. It produces a gentle warmth that radiates out through the entire room. Depending on the installation, heating is achieved through methods of conduction, radiation or convection, all of which are safe and controllable, producing a gentle warmth that spreads up from the soles of the feet. Underfloor heating can be used on almost any kind of floor, and it is an efficient heating area alternative.

All Coldbuster heating products provide adaptable, year-round climate control and are built to last with up to 25 years of warranty! With a rising heat that comes from the floor to head height, in-floor heating is an energy efficient alternative to other heating systems. No heat is lost to the ceilings, meaning warmer rooms and lower energy costs for you. Plus, installed heating elements are fully programmable, allowing you to set your climate control to only heat as and when you need it. You can even use the radiant heat to reduce humidity in rooms and combat the build-up of mould and damp, which is especially useful in bathrooms.

Our heater kits can be used with almost any type of floor, including carpet, timber floors, bamboo floors, vinyl and engineered floors. We have compiled extensive information and resources in our resource centre, where you can check compatibility and the safety of using in-floor heating with all kinds of underlays, flooring adhesives, levelling products and more. And, of course, if you need assistance in discussing or choosing a product, please feel free to contact Coldbuster to be sure.

For everyone looking for DIY home heating solutions, Coldbuster has compiled a list of installation guides for all our products. If you’re planning to hire out the job, be aware that you will need an Electrician to visit your site twice during the installation of your electrical underfloor heating. Once, to install conduits and power supply, and then again to connect the thermostat to the heater and power once the floor has been overlaid. All of our kits are designed for easy installation, but if you ever need support, Coldbuster is just a phone call away!
Yes, you can. The horse has already bolted for in slab heating, but you can install in screed, under tile/under timber & under carpet heating prior to those floor finishes go down.
Generally, we would not recommend it as the slab heating takes so long to warm up, in comparison to a relatively fast warm up time of carpet heating.
The upfront costs of in-floor heating are quite low. With Coldbuster products alone, you can install radiant floor heating during a small bathroom renovation for as little as $250 Prices are calculated around the surface area covered, so you can scale up or down to suit your budget and the space you’re working with for the most cost-effective solution.

Efficiency in heating has come a long way, causing running costs of in-floor heating to be much lower than people assume. Coldbuster in-floor heaters use the minimum required output to sufficiently heat a room. Programmable thermostats ensure the desired temperature is efficiently maintained, and they have completely customisable schedules to give you full freedom over your home heating. To further reduce energy consumption and heating costs, our thermostat models can also calculate each room’s lead time requirements, working out how long an area needs to be heated before reaching the set temperature. For more detailed information, check out our Running Cost Calculator for a tailored estimate.

Absolutely you can! Our advice is to always install heating under your furniture, unless you are absolutely sure you will never rearrange your floor space. You don’t want to end up with cold floors after moving around your furniture just because you didn’t fully extend your installation. Vanities and cabinets, too, are completely safe to have a heating system installed underneath provided they are floating, standing, or on legs. The cost of increasing the size of your heating installation is quite affordable, often only running in the tens of dollars, but if you have any questions about pricing or specific kinds of furniture, give Coldbuster a call!

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