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Design Freedom

Unobtrusive, nothing to see, nothing to smell, nothing to hear. Everything is under the floor with no maintenance required.

Heat From The Floors

Heat the room from the floor up. Suitable for any room and almost any floor finish.

Heat Area of Any Size

Pre-configured heater sizes that can be combined in order to heat larger areas. Heat rooms in close proximity that are used simultaneously in the same heating zone for further cost-efficiency.

Thermal Efficiency

No cold spots and no air circulation. Even distribution of heat across the entire room. Remember, heat rises!


Smart programmable thermostats allow for highly efficient running costs, which can be further offset through the use of solar power and even more so with batteries.

Smart Controls

Smart programmable thermostats, user-friendly interface, customisable schedule with remote/global access. Compatible with home automation systems such as Google Home and Alexa.

Allergy and Environmentally Friendly

No volatile organic compounds (typical in air circulation units), no nitrogen oxides (typical in gas heating), no smoke, fumes, dust or electromagnetic radiation.

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Floor heating Options To Suit Any FLOOR of any Project

Under Tile

Coldbuster under tile heaters are suitable for heating below ceramic tiles, slate, porcelain, limestone, marble, terracotta and laminates. Heating a tiled room from the floor up allows for the aesthetics and convenience of tiles with the added benefit of a cosy, warm ambience and luxury property image at an affordable cost.

Under Timber

Coldbuster under timber heaters are suitable for heating below almost any natural or engineered flooring types that have a hardness rating below 9.0. The heaters are designed with a moderate wattage output to control for contraction and expansion effects of the flooring.

Under Carpet

Coldbuster under carpet heaters are simply installed by securing them to the underlay and installing the carpet over the top. Heating from carpeted floors is like having an electric blanket for the home.

In Screed

Coldbuster in screed heaters are highly durable and suitable for heating the majority of floor finishes, including stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles. The 6mm thin cable is secured to the subfloor, using either fixing rails in dry areas or glue/tape where there is waterproofing.

In Slab

Coldbuster in slab heaters are highly recommended for all polished concrete projects and are also suitable for the majority of other floor finishes. The highly durable, 6.5mm thin cable is installed into the reinforcement grid of the foundation. The concrete slab will retain and slowly release heat over an extended period of time, even once the heater is turned off. This means that your clients can take advantage of off-peak times to further enhance running cost efficiency.

Running Cost Calculator

A simple tool to estimate the cost of running underfloor heating

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