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MCD5 Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat

MCD5 Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat


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Coldbuster MCD5 is an All-in-one thermostat providing optimal comfort temperature at lowest possible energy consumption. Maximise your energy savings with detailed information on energy consumption, ability to program 4 or 6 events per day and QR code readout for remote technical help. Also, the adaptive functionality puts the thermostat in charge of the heating, i.e. warms the room by the set programmed time.  

Includes 3m Sensor Probe



Key Features:

Touch Screen thermostat

QR Readout

Running cost monitor

Operational Modes:

  1. Manual Mode
  2. Comfort Mode
  3. Boost Mode
  4. Holiday Mode
  5. Open window mode

Dimensions (in mm): L:115 W:84 D:40 (Inclusive of 21.8mm inside the wall socket)

Electrical Specs:

Enclosure rating: IP 21

Max Load: 3600 W at 240V

Warranty: 3 years