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Is Coldbuster Floor Heating easy to install?

What people gave to say about Coldbuster installation and support

I am very happy with my Coldbuster floor heating. It was easy for me to install. Straightforward and simple instructions, and the final results…fantastic. Everyone who comes to my home comments on the beautiful warm floors in the bathrooms and toilets, it also warms the room to a lovely comfortable heat. And the cost is minimal; I can hardly notice a change in my electricity account. I wish I had installed this product under all my tiles. Next house will definitely have Coldbuster heating. I just love it.

Easy to install and works well
I’ve only used your under tile heating kits so far and find them to be easy to fit quality products (and apparently the best on the market). Easy to use product and provides efficient heating tile but not substrate. Tilers must be made aware of how fragile the product is when cleaning grout joints to ensure no damage to product.

So far I have only installed 1 which was great compared to the previous product I had been using, being able to roll out the element and do a rough layout prior to removing the protection from the adhesive tapes is good, but by the time you fit it there are bits of tape backing all over the place, but it’s still better than trying to deal with a roll out stick down not to many second chances sort of a deal, then rolling out the top mat works well, perhaps just a bit more of the top mat may be handy.

It was great to install and easy to use
We completely gutted and renovated our bathroom. During the planning, we compared several floor heating products. The Cold Buster product seemed to have the best of all the other products in one. The low profile wiring meant screeding under tiles could be done with the tile adhesive only, without the need for levelling or other bulking products. Many others were 3mm or more. And the fully programmable thermostat appeared to be an optional extra on many other brands. Price was very competitive despite all the bonuses. And it was very easy to install.

Logical installation process. Great help over the phone.
I found the installation very easy and the system works just great. We are very happy with it and have installed it in more rooms.

Easy to install and operate
Have installed myself and very happy with the product. Quick delivery. Good instructions.

Easy install great performance
The concept behind Coldbuster underfloor heating is very simple. it’s lovely when you get up in the middle of the night and walk across the warm tiles. I found it easy to lay once you get over the fear of accidentally breaking a wire! (Which I haven’t done, but it was always in the back of my mind!!) I like that you can zone your heating. About the only thing I find a bit confusing is setting of the heating cycle, but once you set aside the time to read the booklet it becomes much easier. And the cat loves it!

Very effective and works well for an amateur installation. Installation very simple and easy to do. The ordering and delivery is so efficient, with usually two-day turn around even in the country areas, since the upgrade of the controller, the unit is a no-brainer and makes the tiled area very comfortable.

Absolutely LOVE it!! Installed it myself before I tiled & found it very straightforward. John was very helpful for my first installation in the new bathroom and Annie supplied a plan and helpful advice (size of heater needed) for my new kitchen. The difference is amazing as this heat wraps itself around and there are no cold areas. The cats love it too!

Good quick supply easy to install
Easy to install Good technical support excellent controller (but a bit difficult to program) I’m very happy with the product, it is quite robust and simple so installation was very straightforward and trouble free but the best thing is it works really well! Have recommended to all my friends and everyone loves the heated floor.

We have installed 2 bathroom systems on panel sheet flooring & have found it very easy to install, tiling over easy to get level, & clients extremely pleased with results. Will definitely recommend to all new clients.

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