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Floor Heating Comfort

What people gave to say about Coldbuster installation and support

Works well, even through shoes.
A very easy and fast installation. Works a treat. It is very comfortable and really keeps the winter chills at bay. Lovely and comfortable heat. Works best when left on continuously.

We love our floor heating in the new renovated kitchen. Can’t go without. For bathroom and ensuite we can’t go without it. Even all friends are impressed and love to spend the winter days and nights in our warm kitchen. Just great!

The under rug heater is a good way to heat a medium sized room with a gentle, but constant flow of warmth. It is lovely for the kids to sit on a cozy warm rug. It is however, a bit slower than other heating methods to reach its full effectiveness.

Very easy to purchase and helpful over the phone. The under carpet heaters are a cosy comfort and especially good for those in-between days when it’s not cold enough for the main heater.

I found the instructions a bit confusing and rang the installer who talked me through the process of upping the temperature. Once set all ok the floor heats up then when bedtime comes it is turned off – the floor retains the heat until the next morning making the floor comfortable to walk on.

Very good, makes the mornings more comfortable in cold Toowoomba – can tell you more after the 1st winter power bill

Soul soothing warmth from the floor up. Barefoot is a wonderful experience on a cold day.

Works really well, except three years down the track we still don’t really understand the user manual and how to set the timer up probably. It’s so hard to understand and get it all sorted. Other than that, it’s actual heating qualities are fantastic!! My husband is a plumber and does recommend your product to people wanting floor heating installed during their renovations

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