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Why Floor Heating?

Why use floor heating today. Floor heating for many can be associated with words like posh, European and expensive. But a quick google search for the term reveals no less than 10 floor heating companies across Australia! Why has floor heating become so popular? There could be a number of explanations.

First of all Australians love their houses. It is no longer just a place we live, for many their main store of wealth. Renovating and value-adding has been a great opportunity for previously ‘niche’ European products like floor heating to be installed in the family home.

Technology has also improved floor heating’s accessibility. ‘Old style’ floor heating systems involved heating the entire concrete slab. The cost often confined the use of floor heating to mansions, not least owing to the fact running costs for such a system were a fortune! Today, floor heating cable is available in ‘mat’ sizes as little as 1 square meter.  Its now so thin it can even be installed directly under the tile, using much less power than its in-slab predecessor.

Most importantly we at Coldbuster Floor Heating feel one of the biggest reasons for floor heating’s uptake has been information and self-education, facilitated by the internet. Now with Coldbuster DIY Underfloor Heating Kits and online videos and guides installation is possible by the qualified builder to the DIY enthusiast. The costs of installation have plummeted!

Today, a customer in Perth can visit our website and view the installation video of our tile or carpet heaters. They can download the installation guide to investigate further and of course, order the correct size online from the Coldbuster internet shopping cart.  The heater is then packed and sent the same day, the customer receives tracking updates of its delivery out of Sydney and can receive and install the heater 2-3 days later! For those sufficiently motivated,

Coldbuster heater kits are completely DIY, so there are no special tools or tradesmen needed to install the heating (an electrician is briefly required to finish the thermostat wiring). Further support is available through our network of hundreds of electricians who have previously installed our floor heating, all across Australia

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