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Tradesmen Air Views on Sustainability

Recently, Australian Living talked with several architects, tradesmen and designers regarding their views on sustainability, seven of which gave the most interesting insights, adding much fuel for further discussion.

Many architects agree that the growth of sustainability as a practice can be slow because of the continued use of less sustainable materials, which are easier to acquire. Besides, there are also times when materials — albeit initially sustainable ones — aren’t installed properly, leading to inefficiencies in performance.

Views on the Sustainability Initiative

Based on Australian Living’s interviews, several key points were raised in the hope of putting sustainability firmly in the limelight:

  • It can push long-term business growth. – Mark Diedricks, Arklen
  • Culture plays a part in preventing the growth of sustainable building. – Barry Du Bois, Master Builder and TV Personality
  • Using sustainable materials can save money for energy and utility needs in the long run. – Steven Hedger, Hedger Construction
  • Good builders are likely to be more critical in implementing construction ideas, and those that have been applied many times become mainstream approaches. – Caroline Pidcock, PIDCOKC – Architecture and Sustainability
  • Aside from using sustainable materials, there’s also a need for builders to look into the site itself and its surroundings with sustainability in mind. –  Micheal Dunn, Dafcam
  • With their role in the designing process, tradies and builders have the capacity to lead in the creation of more sustainable projects. – Caitlin McGee, Institute for Sustainable Futures
  • Eco-friendliness aside, sustainable buildings also contribute a lot to the well-being and health of the occupants, considering their low carbon footprint. – Scientia Professor Deo Prasad, University of New South Wales

Adapting sustainability principles really does require time; builders, tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts may have to spend more time planning their builds or improvements, but it is undeniably worth the effort. Sustainable building is synonymous with well-being, energy and cost efficiency, not to mention the benefits for the planet we live on. It’s a future we should all embrace.


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