Coldbuster Pricing


Easy to install, competitively priced. Works a treat.

The Coldbuster under tile heating that we installed is excellent. The only negative comment that I have is that the instructions for setting the timer are difficult to follow. I believe using the underfloor heating has enabled us to use much less other heating over the winter. It was also very easy to install taking my husband and myself only 45 minutes to do so. We saved about $900 installing it ourselves.

Easy installation. We were getting new carpet and this was easy to install at the same time. My son is an electrician so electrics were not a concern but was also easy. You know when the heat is on as every now and then the dogs disappear into the carpet area and you find them on their back on the heated area.

A cost effective product that is sufficient to keep a large room at a comfortable temperature during milder winter nights.

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