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Bathroom Mirror Demisters

Bathroom Mirror Demisters

De-mistifying mirror demisters!

Bathroom mirror demisters are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in line with the new trend of frameless, walk-in showers with a single glass panel as a screen. Previously shower cubicle screens collected most of the steam, but with the new open plan trend, the steam tends to condense everywhere, including on the mirror!

But how hard are mirror demisters to install? How much do they cost to run and why are they effective in keeping the mirror steam-free?

Mirrors fog up when the humidity/steam in the bathroom condenses on the cold mirror surface. A mirror demister behind the mirror heats the glass so that condensation on the mirror is prevented.

Condensation continuous to occur on the cold tiled surfaces.

The paper-thin, self-adhesive sheet is stuck to the back of the mirror by any layman and wired to 240 V power by an electrician. No screws, glues or professional tools are required. Most Electricians simply connect the thin cold tail to the light switch circuit, so when the bathroom lights are switched on, the mirror will be de-misted within minutes! A full installation guide is provided in the box.

The running cost of a mirror demister is only around 2c per hour because a minimal wattage of  80W is sufficient to heat the mirror to avoid steam condensation. Coldbuster bathroom mirror demisters cost between $55-$129 and are avail in various sizes. Multiple mirror de-misters can be used to heat large floor to ceiling mirrors. A licensed electrician is required to wire up your mirror de-mister, as per Australian wiring rules AS/NZS 3000:2007.

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