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Free No Obligation Underfloor Heating Quotation Service

Please complete the form below to the best of your ability. Don’t forget to mention EVERY area in your new build or renovation where new flooring is being installed as we itemise each area separately in order to give you full information for you to make an informed decision on whether or not floor heating is right for you.

Despite that fact that just about everyone agrees that floor heating is the best heating solution in comparison to alternative heating (see Benefits of Coldbuster Floor Heating), we often get comments from people that what a shame it was that they weren’t given the option (and pricing) to least consider floor heating in the short time frame when it can be considered. Remember: once the floors have been installed, it is simply too late!

Coldbuster is more than happy to put in the time to provide pricing and heat plans for any areas you could even remotely consider for floor heating because the last thing we want is for our clients to miss out on the opportunity to consider floor heating for such areas. Our quotes are entirely obligation-free, and itemised area by area to give you full flexibility on what to choose or not. So please take advantage of this totally free service, with no obligation whatsoever.

Coldbuster has compiled extensive information and resources from carpet, timber, bamboo, vinyl and laminate flooring manufacturers, manufacturers of underlays as well as manufacturers of flooring adhesives and levelling products. Please feel free to contact Coldbuster for assistance in discussing or choosing these products.

Simply complete the form on this page and we will provide you with the best possible solution for you, along with a floor heating layout plan. The plans you submit do not have to be professional drawings. You can simply hand draw each area with dimensions. If you have any difficulty in providing plans or measurements, just complete the form the best you can and we will get back to you.

In any case, we are here to help you so also feel free to email us at call us on 1800 85 75 65 or even drop in for a chat!

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    If you are unsure, select "Not sure" and we will include in your quote the MCD5. The MCD5 is our most popular thermostat as it is fully programmable and touchscreen. Your quote can be updated any time if you desire a different model.
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