Coldbuster floor heating is a straight forward DIY floor heating system. Suited to both trades and DIY/homeowners.
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Coldbuster Floor Heating

Underfloor Heating Australia

If you are searching for high quality, easy-to-install kits that are suitable for DIY enthusiasts as well as experienced builders, our range of high quality floor heating products, imported direct from manufacturers in South Korea, are sure to be of interest. Competitively priced and suitable for timber, tile, carpet or screed projects, our range of heating systems can be ordered online and delivered to residential or commercial addresses across Australia. Secure payment gateways keep your details safe and our efficient delivery service will ensure that your order is with you within a few days, no matter where you live.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Our electric underfloor heating systems for tiled surfaces can be connected to programmable as well as manual thermostats, making it easy for homeowners to keep their kitchen and bathroom floors nice and warm in the winter months. There is no complicated installation procedure to follow as these underfloor heating kits are supplied as preconfigured strips on a roll. Available in different dimensions to suit rooms of all shapes and sizes, they offer an efficient and flexible solution to cold floors in houses, apartments and commercial buildings located in cities such as Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne, where temperatures can get chilly.

Floating timber and laminate

With this type of flooring, a more moderate output is desirable and we have a selection of wood and laminate floor heating systems that are perfect for the job. Manufactured to the same high standards as our products designed for tiled surfaces, these systems can also be controlled by a thermostat, ensuring that your floors are maintained at the ideal temperature whatever the outside weather conditions. The mats that make up these systems are provided on 900mm rolls of varying lengths and can all be connected to a single thermostat to make it easy to control the temperature in large rooms.

Carpeted areas

Underfloor heating costs for carpeted surfaces make our carpet heater systems a popular choice with builders and individuals who are interested in creating modern homes with energy efficient heating solutions. With an element that is only 1.5mm thick, these ingenious mats will be almost undetectable when installed between the underlay and carpets in your home and will make it a pleasure to walk barefoot around all rooms throughout the year. A high quality, waterproof Teflon coating will ensure that minor spillages do not turn into major disasters when using these state-of-the-art DIY underfloor heating products in your house or apartment.

Stone and concrete

Our high output heating cable for in-screed and in-slab applications is designed to ensure that polished concrete and stone floors can be heated to a comfortable temperature in all weathers. One of the best concrete floor heating systems you are likely to find anywhere in the world, it is available in a variety of configurations with an output of up to 1900W, making it suitable for even the densest of flooring surfaces. Like all our products, it comes with a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

DIY Underfloor Heating systems for Trade, Owner Builders and DIY enthusiasts.  

Easy to install DIY heating kits that are suitable for Tile, Timber, Carpet and Screed projects.

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Special Offer

We are running a winter Special Offer on our Foot Warmers. These are a high quality product with tough non-slip rubber backing and two built-in overheating safety cutouts. These will outlast the standard quality products on the market. Normally selling at over $80 we have reduced them to $56 and included FREE Australian wide shipping. The COLDBUSTER Foot Warmers mats are 400x500mms in size and covered with a soft carpet finish, are energy efficient and have a 12 month warranty.