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In Floor Heating Benefits

in floor heating benefits for baby

Safe, Invisible, Silent Heating

  • No visible units to see or touch.
  • Great for not impacting on room design.
  • No maintenance.
  • Child safe and pet-friendly.

Requires lower temperature outputs.

The efficiency of underfloor heating means that you do not need the same temperature outputs as conventional heating systems. Floor heating produces rising, radiant heat – meaning it warms the occupied areas of the room, rather than wastefully heating the upper areas first. As heat rises, it warms you from the feet up, so you feel warmer quicker. The warm air will continue to rise, heating the rest of your room along with it – using less energy in the process!

The whole floor area is a radiant heater

The heating elements are laid over the whole required heating floor area. This in effect makes the whole floor a radiator generating rising radiant heat to the occupied zone of the room and not straight into the ceiling. You can use any kind of floor surface – ceramic tiles, slate, porcelain, limestone, marble, terracotta, wood, laminate, vinyl & stone. You can also lay the heaters for in slab and screed application.

Type of heat

The effect is that your feet are warmed which warms your body so you do not need high temperatures with low humidity that makes for a stuffy head heat. There are no drafts as there is no forced air applied that circulates around the room.

Clean and silent

With no vents or ducts that come with forced air systems there is no dust or allergens that are blown around the room. Also as there are no visible units there is no cleaning or a dust traps. Also there is no noise whatsoever.

Design and maintenance friendly

With no visible units you are free to design your room without consideration of where heaters need to or could go. Furthermore high design radiators are not cheap and probably the cost of the underfloor heater if not more. There is no maintenance especially with electric underfloor heating which does not require a boiler like hydronic systems.

Easy installation and room by room control

Underfloor heating is now a simple system to install. The Coldbuster electric kits are for both builder and DIY enthusiast. Easy to install they come in 500mm meshed rolls with self adhesive fixing tape. When you add a manual or programmable thermostat you add temperature and energy efficiency controls. With electric systems you can control each room’s temperature and whether the room is to be heated or not. This is because each room is a separate independent kit.

Supplementary or primary flexible heating system

You can install a Coldbuster kit and it will not have any impact on existing installed systems. You can therefore install a kit as a supplement to existing systems. You can also plan installation as the primary heating system when you are building from new or a complete renovation. If you are just renovating your bathroom for example you can simply install the kit and the rest of the house is unaffected. Then in the future you can install into another renovated room. You could add an under carpet system to a lounge that already has heating as a supplementary heater.

Controllable thermostats for energy efficiency

You can easily control temperature and operation with a Coldbuster manual Thermostat or control a time and day schedule with a programmable unit. This means that you have complete control of the heater functionality and control of your energy expenditure. As underfloor heating does not require high output temperatures you can run Coldbuster underfloor heaters with energy efficiency and keep your energy costs under control. You can now you heat the rooms you want, when you want and for how long you want.
Coldbuster Floor Heating Benefits

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