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Kit sizes from 0.75m²
Electric Single Cold Tailed

20 Year Warranty

RRP $187.00
RRP $194.70
RRP $202.40
RRP $210.10
RRP $242.00
RRP $273.90
RRP $305.80
RRP $337.70
RRP $369.60
RRP $401.50
RRP $465.30
RRP $529.10
RRP $592.90
RRP $656.70
RRP $720.50
RRP $861.30
RRP $966.90
RRP $1,072.50
RRP $634.70
RRP $753.50
RRP $831.60
RRP $907.50
RRP $977.90
RRP $1,045.00
RRP $1,136.30
RRP $1,250.70
RRP $1,359.60
RRP $1,595.00

Product Description

Under Tile Heating Kits

Tile floors are a mainstay of attractive, classy bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Coldbuster Under Tile Heating Kits have been designed and modified over the years to be the perfect under tile heating solution.And of course, they can be prevalent flooring throughout any property. While tiles look great and offer an easy-to-clean, resilient surface, they can become chilly and even painful to walk on in cold conditions. By contrast, the gentle heat of a warm tile floor has been associated with comfort and relaxation back to ancient times. Enter Coldbuster, and our specially-designed under-tile heating systems.

Coldbuster under tile heating kits are well suited for installation on suspended timber or concrete subfloors. They can be used under most hard surfaces including ceramic tiles, slate, porcelain, limestone, marble, terracotta, wood, laminate, vinyl, and stone. For tiling on a suspended wooden floor, a 5mm fibre cement sheet tile underlay is required.

  • Pre-configured element mounted on a self-adhesive tape
  • The thin heating element which does not affect floor levels
  • Factory terminated single cold tail power lead 3m long
  • Element & cold tail connections are fully earthed & waterproof
  • Self-adhesive fibreglass mesh 500mm wide
  • AE-SS installation monitor (element alarm/tester) with batteries
  • Easy installation, no special tools required
  • Personalised floorplan layout available upon request
  • Installation guidelines
  • Technical & installation support (telephone and/or email)
  • 28 different heater lengths which can be combined for larger areas
  • Durable & reliable
  • 20-year warranty

No additional supplies are needed other than bonding supplies normally used when laying a tile floor. We recommend the floor be primed prior to laying the heater.

By using our Getting Started Tool you can check the suitability of Coldbuster floor heating products for your specific project. You can also contact our pre-sale team for no obligation support or try our Free Quotation service


Heater Kit Brochure Installation Guide


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