Floor heating solutions for retailers

Coldbuster floor heating kits are supplied as a complete package complementing the sale of ceramic tiles, carpet, vinyls, electrical appliances, home furnishings and other renovating supplies. Coldbuster floor heating provide a range of initiatives with benefits to retail partners.


Maximise your per-customer sales

Coldbuster floor heating stockists and retail business benefit by maximising per-customer sales with a profitable and value-driven product range.

Some of the benefits of stocking and retailing Coldbuster floor heating:

  • comprehensive floor heating product range attractively packaged
  • relative low cost product with a high impact on luxury
  • the perfect add-on for both new-build and renovation shoppers
  • addresses the only shortcoming of ceramic tiles - cold surfaces
  • alignment with a manufacturer/distributor with 22 years experience in floor heating
  • marketing support and free brochures, flyers, etc.
  • comprehensive training and marketing support for front line staff
  • network of authorised installers already established for non-DIY sales
  • product backed with a 15 year guarantee
  • support line for technical enquiries available floor staff and customers


Profit from just about any new floor finish

Coldbuster floor heating can be installed under just about any new floor finish available on the market today:

  • All types of tiles including ceramic and slate 
  • Marble, stone and terracotta floor tiles 
  • Wood veneer and laminate boards 
  • Bamboo type floors 
  • Vinyl and linoleum floors 
  • Carpets which are hessian backed and loose lay rugs


Retailers who stock Coldbuster floor heating kits have benefited by maximising per-customer sales with a profitable and value-driven product

Stocking Coldbuster floor heating kits to your business is a simple no cost way to increasing your sales and business profits. A range of initiatives provide benefits to retailer partners - you decide whether you wish to carry stock or not.


Take the next step

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