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The Coldbuster Learning Centre is our hub for all documentation, videos and helpful tips and tricks. You will find PDFs for all of our products, installation videos for all our products and general articles that will be useful for you to decide on the type of kit that is best suited for your project. If you need more information you can contact us or submit a support request. You can also find more information in our Floor Heating FAQs.

Latest Blogs

Bathroom Heaters

Across Australia, more and more people are moving away from conventional bathroom heaters to invisible electric underfloor heating systems. Heat Lamps and radiators are inefficient and not the prettiest solution for your new bathroom design.

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DIY Floor Heating

  Heated flooring solutions for the owner builder Coldbuster DIY underfloor heating systems are designed to be used in all areas of your home to provide you comfort underfoot. Whether you are building a new home or simply renovating or extending an existing...

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In Floor Heating Benefits

In Floor Heating Benefits Safe, Invisible, Silent Heating. No visible units to see or touch. Great for not impacting on room design. No maintenance. Child safe and pet-friendly. Requires lower temperature outputs. The efficiency of underfloor heating means that you do...

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Floor Heating Output Explained

Floor Heating Output explained Underfloor heating output can be referenced in two ways. The first relates to the value of watts per square metre of a heater, as in the power output per unit area of the heater. The other value also refers to...

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