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Floor Heating Getting Started Tool

We have developed a simple floor heating getting started tool to help you as a guide to the kits best suited to your projects. Heated floors provide a luxurious warmth that is, nowadays, an economic primary or supplementary heating system. Our tool guides you to what heating systems are available and what floor finishes can be used with these heating systems.

Simply answer one of the 2 questions below to get you started.

Option A: Which type of flooring will you be installing?
We will provide you with the type of heater options that are available for your floor type.



Tile Floor

Solutions for any tiled, vinyl or laminate finish

Engineered Timber/Natural Floor

For Laminate and Floating Timber Floors

Carpet Floor

For luxury warmth in carpeted areas.

Concrete Floor

For Polished Concrete finishes

Option B: Which type of heater are you intending to use?
We will suggest to you which floor finishes are consistent with your choice.



Under Tile Heating Kits

Ultra-Thin mat solution for tile, vinyl and laminate

Under Carpet Heating Kits

Ultra-Thin mat solution for luxury carpet warmth

In Screed Heating Kits

Cable heater for any floor finish

In Slab Heating Kits

Cable heaters for in slab projects

Need help? Utilise our obligation-free expert support

If you have any further questions, simply give us a call, send us an email or contact us via our contact form and we will help you make the right choice. Our expert support is always free and professionally provided by our experienced and friendly in-house team. You can even come into our office to discuss your project!

20 Year Warranty
on all Heater Kits

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