Under Tile Heating Kits

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Tile Heat Kit 750W X 10m 3.4A
$AUD 396.00
Tile Heat Kit 525W X 7m 2.4A
$AUD 290.40
Tile Heat Kit 300W X 4m 1.4A
$AUD 184.80
Tile Heat Kit 1200W X 24m 5.4A
$AUD 753.50
Tile Heat Kit 900W X 12m 4.1A
$AUD 466.40
Tile Heat Kit 600W X 8m 2.7A
$AUD 325.60
Tile Heat Kit 375W X 5m 1.7A
$AUD 220.00
Tile Heat Kit 450W X 6m 2.0A
$AUD 255.20
Tile Heat Kit 300W X 3m 1.4A
$AUD 214.50
Tile Heat Kit 1000W X 20m 4.5A
$AUD 634.70
TK200-0150: 162W, 0.7A, 200W/m², 0.5m wide x 1.5m long, 0.75m², $231.73/m²
$AUD 173.80
TK200-0225: 243W, 1.0A, 200W/m², 0.5m wide x 2.25m long, 1.125m², $172.09/m²
$AUD 193.60
Tile Heat Kit 675W X 9m 3.0A
$AUD 360.80
Tile Heat Kit 1050W X 14m 4.7A
$AUD 536.80
Tile Heat Kit 1200W X 16m 5.4A
$AUD 607.20
TK150-1350: 1458W, 6.1A, 150W/m², 0.5m wide x 18.0m long, 9m², $75.41/m²
$AUD 678.70
TK150-1500: 1620W, 6.8A, 150W/m², 0.5m wide x 20.0m long, 10m², $74.91/m²
$AUD 749.10
TK150-1800: 1944W, 8.1A, 150W/m², 0.5m wide x 24.0m long, 12m², $74.53/m²
$AUD 894.30
Tile Heat Kit 2050W X 27.33m 9.2A
$AUD 1,012.00
TK150-2250: 2430W, 10.1A, 150W/m², 0.5m wide x 30.0m long, 15m², $73.55/m²
$AUD 1,103.30
TK100-1350: 1458W, 6.1A, 100W/m², 0.5m wide x 27.0m long, 13.5m², $61.60/m²
$AUD 831.60
Tile Heat Kit 1500W X 30m 6.8A
$AUD 907.50
TK100-1650: 1782W, 7.4A, 100W/m², 0.5m wide x 33.0m long, 16.5m², $59.27/m²
$AUD 977.90
Tile Heat Kit 1800W X 36m 8.1A
$AUD 1,045.00
Tile Heat Kit 2000W X 40m 9.0A
$AUD 1,136.30
Tile Heat Kit 2250W X 45m 10.1A
$AUD 1,250.70
TK100-2500: 2700W, 11.3A, 100W/m², 0.5m wide x 50.0m long, 25m², $54.38/m²
$AUD 1,359.60
TK100-3000: 3240W, 13.5A, 100W/m², 0.5m wide x 60.0m long, 30m², $53.17/m²
$AUD 1,595.00


Thermostats are not included in the kit as there are various options available. Visit the THERMOSTAT page after you have added your kit to the cart or look at the OUR RELATED PRODUCTS tab below and make your selection there


Quick Overview

Our Under-Tile Floor Heating Brings the Comfort of the Spa Resort to Your Home

15 year warranty

Tile floors are a mainstay of attractive, classy bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. While these tiles often look great and offer an easy to clean, resilient surface, they are difficult to heat and can become chilly and painful to walk on in cold conditions. By contrast, the gentle heat of a warm stone or tile floor has been associated with comfort and relaxation back to ancient times. Enter Coldbuster, and our specially-designed under-tile heating systems.

Coldbuster under-tile heating kits are well suited for installation on suspended timber or concrete subfloors. They can be used under most hard surfaces including ceramic tiles, slate, porcelain, limestone, marble, terracotta, wood, laminate, vinyl, and stone. For tiling on a suspended wooden floor, a 5mm fibre cement sheet tile underlay is required.

Please note: Kit does not include thermostat. Thermostat type and colour must be selected after selection of kit.

Our tile heating kit includes:

  • Pre-configured element mounted on self adhesive tape
  • Factory terminated cold tail leads 2.4m long
  • Self adhesive fibreglass mesh
  • AE-SS installation monitor (element alarm/tester)
  • Installation guidelines
  • Technical & installation support (telephonic)
  • 15 year guarantee

No additional supplies are needed other than bonding supplies normally used when laying a tile floor. We recommend the floor is primed prior to laying the heater.

NEW DESIGN - Now with mesh attached and in modular 500m width rolls

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Tile Heating Kits

FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide when you buy online

Our unique heating system design guarantees a gentle, even heat across the floor surface. Floor heating installations have traditionally involved complicated procedures: cables supplied on a roll required careful planning to ensure there were no cold spots, and covering the cables with screed raised floor levels. Coldbuster has addressed these problems by providing a unique floor heating system simple enough to be installed by even unqualified persons.

Australia’s most popular under-tile heating system

Coldbuster tile heating systems have been used across Australia for residential, commercial and industrial applications including houses, apartments, churches, halls, public buildings, aged care homes, schools, universities, kennels, and catteries – anywhere a touch of warmth and comfort is required.

The 2.5mm thin Coldbuster heating element is installed on the sub-floor directly beneath the floor surface - perfect for renovations, as there are no screeds raising floor levels.

Features of the Coldbuster under-tile system

  • Pre-configured element mounted on self adhesive tape
  • Factory terminated cold tail leads 2.4m long
  • 2.5mm thin heating element which does not affect floor levels
  • Element & cold tail connections fully earthed & waterproof
  • Durable & reliable
  • Easy floor heating installation, no special tools required
  • 15 Year guarantee

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Additional Info

Additional Information

Name Under Tile Heating Kits
Heater Size No
Area From (m2) 1.13
Area To (m2) 18
Watts No
Amps No
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