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CK160-0250: 250W, 1.0A, 160W/m², 0.5m wide x 3.125m long, 1.6m², $136.58/m²
$AUD 213.40
CK160-0500: 500W, 2.1A, 160W/m², 0.5m wide x 6.25m long, 3.1m², $110.88/m²
$AUD 346.50
CK160-0750: 750W, 3.1A, 160W/m², 0.5m wide x 9.375m long, 4.7m², $99.58/m²
$AUD 466.40
CK160-1000: 1000W, 4.2A, 160W/m², 0.5m wide x 12.50m long, 6.3m², $92.35/m²
$AUD 577.17
CK160-1250: 1250W, 5.2A, 160W/m², 0.5m wide x 15.625m long, 7.8m², $88.28/m²
$AUD 689.70
CK160-1600: 1600W, 6.7A, 160W/m², 0.5m wide x 20.0m long, 10m², $77.88/m²
$AUD 778.80
Carpet Heat Kit 2000W X 25m 8.3A
$AUD 844.80
Carpet Heat Kit 2500W X 31.25m 10.4A
$AUD 893.20


Thermostats are not included in the kit as there are various options available. Visit the THERMOSTAT page after you have added your kit to the cart or look at the OUR RELATED PRODUCTS tab below and make your selection there


Quick Overview

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NEW DESIGN - Now with mesh attached and in modular 500m width rolls

15 year warranty

Please note: Kit does not include thermostat. Thermostat type and colour must be selected after selection of kit.

Kit includes:

  • Heating cable, 1.5mm thin stiched to 500mm wide polyester mesh.
  • Factory terminated 6 metre cold tail lead on heater
  • Installation monitor and batteries
  • Installation guideline and personalised floorplan layout
  • Technical & installation support (telephonic)
  • 15 Year guarantee


FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide when you buy online

Coldbuster carpet floor heating is installed on top of the carpet underlay, directly beneath the carpet throughout any home or commercial project.

Under Carpet Installation

Installing Coldbuster carpet heating is easy and no special tools are required. A detailed installation manual and personalised layout is supplied with each Coldbuster carpet heating kit to detail the floor preparation, electrical requirements, heater installation and thermostat connection. Additional technical and installation support is also available via the website or via phone.

Coldbuster carpet heating is classified as an appliance and can be installed by any competent person. The carpet heating strip must be connected to a RCD (safety switch) protected circuit by an electrician. All wiring must conform to AS/NZS 3000:2000 and local wiring regulations.

Complete control and efficient energy use

Complete control and efficient energy use is ensured with a manual or programmable thermostat available as an option with your under floor heating kit.

Additional Info

Additional Information

Name Under Carpet Heating Kits
Heater Size No
Area From (m2) 1.06
Area To (m2) 7.33
Watts No
Amps No
Video No
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