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Small Rug Heater - 280W - 1.1 x 1.6m
$AUD 213.40
Medium Rug Heater - 470W - 1.4 x 2.1m
$AUD 317.90
Large Rug Heater - 775W - 1.8 x 2.7m
$AUD 473.00

Quick Overview

Simple Radiant Heating - and no need to renovate!

FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide when you buy online

  • Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. 
  • An underlay is recommended to prevent heat losses into the floor and slipping.
  • Low Running Costs
  • Foot Switch
  • Simply cover the mat with a rug and plug it in !


Rug Heaters

Electric Radiant Heating - Simple solution and no need to renovate!

FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide when you buy online

Keep your feet lovely and warm whatever the weather outside with our safe and affordable under rug heating pad. Available in three different sizes and manufactured to exacting standards by our overseas manufacturing partners, they can be ordered using our simple online shopping facility and dispatched without delay to your home or office anywhere in mainland Australia. Because we accept orders online and have streamlined every area of our business, we can offer you exceptional prices on heated floor rug products that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Innovative design

At the core of each one is an insulated silicone heating element that distributes heat evenly across the entire surface area. Aluminium foil and grey fabric layers cover the element on each side and integral thermal cut out switches ensure that any malfunction in the element will not result in overheating. They can be used on almost any indoor flooring surface and are designed to be placed under rugs of up to 1cm in thickness. It does not matter which way up you place these rugs so you can ensure that the corner to which the power cord is affixed is always within easy reach of a nearby socket.

Residential and commercial applications

Our under rug heating products are equally at home in your lounge or office and are particularly useful when placed under tables or other areas where people may sit for extended periods of time. Whether you are holding an important meeting in a conference room with a tiled floor or you are having friends round for dinner and are worried that your timber flooring will prove to be a little cold, you can ensure that your visitors are warm and comfortable by placing one or more of our rug heaters in convenient locations.

Simple to use

Unlike permanent underfloor heating systems, there is no complicated and disruptive installation process to worry about when using these products in your home or workplace. Simply lay them on the floor, make sure they are not creased and cover with a rug or mat that is slightly larger than the under rug heater you are using. Once in position, simply insert the moulded plug into the nearest power socket and turn it on with the footswitch. An LED light is illuminated when the heating element is active, making it easy to tell whether your heated rugs are on or off at any given time.

Cost effective

The running costs associated with these products depends on which sizes you are using but start at around 7c per hour, making them far cheaper than using a conventional heater to warm an entire room. When your feet are warm, it is surprising how little the ambient temperature of your home or office will affect you. If you have always wanted a heated rug but like the floor coverings you already own, these are an ideal solution that will offer you the best of both worlds. Simply keep your existing mats and slip one of these underneath each one.

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