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470W Rug Heater

470W Rug Heater


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  • Rug Heater (SALE 10% discount)

    1. Wattage – 470w
    2. Dimensions – 1400mm x 2100mm


Rug Heater

  1. Wattage – 470w
  2. Dimensions – 1400mm x 2100mm


The Coldbuster rug heaters comprise a silicone insulated heating element. The element is sandwiched between two layers of aluminum foil then covered on both sides with a neutral grey fabric, overlocked around the edges. Two over-heating thermal cut out switches are built into the heater for safety.

The heater can be used on tile, timber and carpet floors and is flexible for folding and storage. It is safe to use under the legs of coffee tables and chairs


Most rugs are suitable for use over the Coldbuster rug heater. Exceptions include thick or dense rugs more than 10mm thickness as their higher insulation level inhibits heat transfer. 

Before turning the power on, ensure there are no folds in the rug heater. Position it under the rug so as not to protrude from the sides. 

No thermostat control is required; simply plug in your rug heater and turn it on. The rug heater can be ‘flipped’ so the corner with the cord is nearest your power outlet.

Safety Instructions

  • Do not place insulating objects such as bean bags on top of the heater as they may cause over heating and consequent rug discoloration. 
  • Do not allow infants or people who are insensitive to heat or immobile to sit on the mat for prolonged periods. 
  • Do not use the mat for warming animals as the mat has no thermostat and could cause animals to overheat. 
  •  Position your rug heater so the power cord is not a tripping hazard. 

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