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  • Home Renovation Inspiration from the Newest “The Block” Series

    ”The Block” is serves as a great inspiration for DIY home renovation.

    Now in its eighth season, Australia's favourite renovation reality show, “The Block” is continuing to inspire homeowners to keep their dwelling in perfect shape the easy, economical way.

    In its latest episode entitled "Make a Man-cave Like Scotty's", viewers were able to witness how The Block experts turn a disorganised, unappealing space into a cosy living area. Particularly in this economic climate, DIY is becoming a popular and cost-effective solution to renovating a home.

    a man fixing a door

    Tips for DIY Home Renovation

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  • Tradesmen Air Views on Sustainability

    Contractors, Tradies and Architects Share Their Views on Sustainability

    Recently, Australian Living talked with several architects, tradesmen and designers regarding their views on sustainability, seven of which gave the most interesting insights, adding much fuel for further discussion.

    Many architects agree that the growth of sustainability as a practice can be slow because of the continued use of less sustainable materials, which are easier to acquire. Besides, there are also times when materials — albeit initially sustainable ones — aren't installed properly, leading to inefficiencies in performance.

    Views on the Sustainability Initiative

    Based on Australian Living's interviews, several key points were raised in the hope of putting sustainability firmly in the limelight:

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  • Council Will Benefit from an Energy-Efficiency Programme

    Canterbury Council Will Become Energy Efficient, Says Mayor

    Three Canterbury Council facilities are to receive energy-efficient upgrades, benefiting not only the environment but also the ratepayers. The upgrade is part of the Community Energy Efficient Program spearheaded by the federal government. 

    The council received $159,887 from the federal government's Community Energy Efficient Program in order to fund the project. The council also forked out $79,943 to make sure the project is completed.

    The monetary grant will be used to install new lighting technology at the Riverwood Community Centre, Lakemba Library and Campsie Library.

    New energy-efficient lighting fixtures will be used to modernise these three facilities, and motion sensors will also be installed but will only be used on demand. The funds will also cover the improvement of the facilities' air conditioning systems to increase efficiency.

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  • *NEW* Rug Heaters

    Coldbuster Rug Heaters are like having floor heating under your rug!

    rug-heater-corner Coldbuster Rug Heater

    The Coldbuster rug heaters come in three sizes; 1.1 x 1.6m 1.4 x 2.1m 1.8 x 2.7m Similar to an electric blanket, the heaters roll out flat underneath your rug. Simply plug the power cord into the nearest power point and use your foot to turn the heater on and off as required. The rug heaters are most suitable for areas where people are seated. The heat is spread over the area of the heater evenly, giving off gentle warmth under the dining table or in front of sofa. The heaters are weight resistant, so its ok to have heavier objects like tables over the rug heaters. Depending on the size of Rug heater chosen, they typically cost between 5 and 20c per hour to run. Very economical when compared to other plug in the wall heating units. Continue reading

  • Why Floor Heating?

    Floor heating for many can be associated with words like posh, European and expensive. But a quick google search for the term reveals no less than 10 floor heating companies across Australia! Why has floor heating become so popular? There could be a number of explanations.

    First of all Australians love their houses. Its no longer just a place we live, for many its their main store of wealth. Renovating and value-adding has been a great opportunity for previously ‘niche’ European products like floor heating to be installed in the family home.

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