Underfloor Heating Products Overview

Under Tile Heating

tile heating kit The Coldbuster tile heating kits are supplied with everything you need to to install under floor heating throughout your home or office.


Timber Heating

timber floor heating kitColdbuster timber heating is suitable for installation below floating, laminate or glued timber floors. Some limitations exist with nailed applications of timber floors.


Under Carpet Heating

carpet heating kitColdbuster carpet under floor heating kits are designed for installation between the fitted carpet and the underlay.


Screed and Slab Heating

slab-heating-kitColdbuster in-screed and in-slab 6mm heating cable is designed to meet the higher wattage output required for installations in-screed, in-slab and for polished concrete applications.


Foot Warmer Mat Heaters

footwarmer matIdeal portable floor heating solution for home or office. Simply plug into a wall socket. Complete with on-off foot switch and a dual thermal safety cut-outs.


Mirror Demisters

mirror_demisterColdbuster Clearview mirror demister heating pads stick to the back of your mirror, warming the mirror surface to prevent condensation.



Coldbuster thermostats

thermostatThe Coldbuster thermostats are programmable to regulate comfort levels 7 days per week. Read More


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