Related Products

Coldbuster is compatible and recommends the following products for use with our heating;

Schneid Microlite flooring (timber laminate alternative)

Schneid Microlite flooring is an extruded mixture of stone powder, resins and a secret formula that produces a high durability, low maintenance flooring solution. Microlite Flooring has been teseted above Coldbuster floor heating and won’t expand and contract as climate conditions changes, burn, slip, rot, crack or warp. The density of Schneid Microlite flooring means it performs particularly well with Coldbuster Floor Heating.

Spanish Stone Design

Spanish Stone Design specialises in imported and high grade natural stone products which are supported by talented craftsmen to create breath taking elegance, in or outside your home, that will last generations.

Roca Laufen Bathrooms

Leading standard in the world on technology in ceramic formation. Makers of sinks, bathroom tubs, tiles and sanitary ware.

BT Bamboo Flooring

BT Bamboo is a premium quality solid laminated bamboo T&G flooring system. Bamboo is an environmental alternative to timber flooring and is stronger, harder and more stable than most other hardwoods.


With a range of wall insulation panels from the UK, Kingspan have invested in the technology to engineer and manufacture insulated roof and architectural wall façade panel systems.

High Performance Window Films

Leading expertise in window tinting with a dynamic range including solar film, decorative film, frosted film, safety film and security window film. It can significantly reduce energy consumption, whilst blocking UV rays and heat.

Floating Terrazzo

An exclusive, non-compressible underlay which floats freely from the structural floor to allow for movement. Making it possible to have polished concrete over timber, concrete, tiles, cork or magnesite decking.


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