Floor heating solutions for the owner builder

Coldbuster floor heating systems are designed to be used in all areas of your home to provide you comfort underfoot. Whether you are building a new home or simply renovating or extending an existing property, Coldbuster floor heating can help design a floor heating system to suit your needs.

Coldbuster floor heating is suited for:

  • New builds, existing builds or renovations
  • Primary heating in bathrooms & bedrooms
  • Primary or supplementary heating in living rooms

Coldbuster floor heating can be used on: 

  • Timber or suspended floors 
  • Concrete floors

Coldbuster floor heating can be installed under just about any new floor finish available on the market today:

  • All types of tiles including ceramic and slate 
  • Marble, stone and terracotta floor tiles 
  • Wood veneer and laminate boards 
  • Bamboo type floors 
  • Vinyl and linoleum floors 
  • Carpets which are hessian backed and loose lay rugs

Coldbuster floor heating is classified as an appliance and can be installed by any competent person. Once your heater is installed, simply call your electrician to connect the heater & thermostat to a RCD (safety switch) protected circuit. It really is that simple.

To find out more about how Coldbuster floor heating can be used in your home, send us your floor plans. We use these drawings to plan and design a floor heating system for your home heating needs. We will provide you with a comprehensive floor heating design and quote completely FREE of charge.


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